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 Eileen Roche, Expert and Editor


Designs in Machine Embroidery has declared it the season to give Bear Hugs! We have teamed up with Cook Children's Medical Center, in Ft. Worth, Texas to supply huggable embroidered bears to all the patients in time for the holidays. 


Simply purchase the bears, stitch them and return them to Designs in Machine Embroidery.  (An information form is included with the purchase of the bears with the address information.  We'll also use this form to enter your name in our prize giveaway.)  Designs in Machine Embroidery will deliver the bears to Cook Children's Medical Center.



  A special thanks to the following individuals and organizations who have generously donated their time and talent by donating bears for the children at Cook Children's Medical Center, in Ft. Worth, TX.

Bear Donor Hall of Fame

Name / Organization

Number of Bears Donated

Art Gallery: What adorable bears!

 Marcia Hiltabidle, TN


Oh the excitement at the Bear Headquarters! We received our first bear donation!  Thank you Marcia for your generosity.  I love the applique fabrics you chose—especially the striped fabric.  Great job!  For being the first bear donor we are sending a prize to you via snail mail. 

Alice Huffington, TX


Our second bear donation!  Alice you did a great job—I can't wait for a child to receive your bear.  For being the second bear donor we are sending a prize to you via snail mail.   

 Sherry McCallum, TX



Our most recent bear was hand delivered by local embroiderer, Sherry McCallum.  The applique fabric works wonderfully with the striking pink thread embroidery thread.  Great job Sherry!  I'm inspired to stitch a bear!

June Harding, AZ



Bear Headquarters is coming alive with bear donations! We were delighted to see your creativity June!  I love the horse design you used on the Honey Bear teddy.  I'm sure children will appreciate the care you put into stitching each bear.  Great job!

Our First Embroidery Team!

Mayra Guillen & Lisbeth Labrada



There's nothing better than teamwork!  Mayra purchased the bears and Lisbeth did the stitching.  What a great selection of fabric.  I want to see the rest of your fabric stash Lisbeth!


 19 Bears To Date!


Bears in Transit!  Lonnie, our friendly UPS carrier and Bryant, our Warehouse Manager are loading up the bears we've received so far.  Cook Children's Medical Center, here they come!  

Linda Lettenberger, NY



Two adorable bears arrived today all the way from New York.  Linda you did a wonderful job!  I'm not sure which I like better!  Both are cute.  Thank you!




It was a busy day today at Bear Headquarters.  Lorraine Allen and Stephanie Stubbs are preparing the newest batch of bears for their "Big Photo Shoot".  I sure hope we can get all these rambunctious bears to focus on the camera!  Although the bears are white or tan-- they all seem to spring forth from their boxes with unique personalities. 

Kay Thomason, TX

My associate, Sam Solomon and I decided "Mr. Bear" would be the fitting name for this charming bear.  He dons a striped appliqué with a stylish bow tie.  Although he’s just a stuffed bear like all the others—we couldn’t help but see a one of a kind personality beaming from this teddy bear’s eyes.  I can just imagine the look on a child's eyes when he/she receives this bear.  Wonderful job Kay!


Sue Thatcher,

Sue sent in a stylish bear featuring a striped applique fabric.  I like how you angled the fabric for a diagonal effect.  Great job Sue!  Thank you!

Marian Brummett, VA


I had fun photographing the 5 bear cubs that came in all the way from Virginia. I think my favorites are the tan bears-- the combination of yellow, red and blue against the tan is very striking.  Perfect for a little boy or girl.  Excellent job Marian!

Mark & Becky Wolf, OR


If only we captured on video the office's reaction when we opened the boxes from the Wolf's.  What a great group of bears-- beaming with personality!  Mark and Becky, we loved your creativity with the "Love" applique.  Thank you for your generosity and efforts.  We're sending a special prize for the cutest bear award via snail mail.


What a fun day at Bear Headquarters.  Amanda Griffin and Sam Solomon helped prepare the bears for their big "Big Photo Shoot".  (But something tells me they were mostly playing with the bears!  It's hard to resist when the bears are as cute as these.  Check out the photos below!

Lana Weaver, York Springs, PA 6

Lana Weaver donated her time and creativity to create these 6 sweet bears. I couldn't resist taking an extra photo to highlight two of my favorites.  Cute border Lana! 

Peggy Reynolds, Oxford, FL 3

Peggy Reynolds showcased her skills as a designer by selecting some fun applique fabrics.  Great job Peggy!  (Now if only I could get all the bears to look at the camera!  It's a rambunctious group of bears at the studio!)

Susan McCurdy, Lavon, TX 2

Susan, we voted and you win the Cutest Pair of Bears award!  We love the fonts and the very stylish ribbon on the 'girl bear.'  Excellent job Susan. 

Barbara Cantrell, Grove City, OH 9

Nine bears, oh my!  Barbara, what a generous donation!  The cubs wouldn't all fit in one photo so I opted to take two shots.  They are a happy group of bears that are sure to delight 9 little children.  Great variety and creativity.  Thank you!


Laurie Parent, Coventry, CT 2

One of my favorite things to do at Bear Headquarters is to open each and every box we receive.  I feel a personal connection with each one of the donors who have sent bears.  These individuals decided to take time out of their busy schedules to stitch some bears for children at Cook Children's Medical Center.  It says a lot about the thoughtfulness of stitchers! 

Laurie from CT sent two very attractive bears.  They are impeccably stitched and look as if they are ready to be loved by two little ones.  Thank you Laurie!


Your Name Here! Anytown, USA  
Total bears to date: 57   



To sweeten the honey pot for all the Bear Donors, every donor name is included in a periodic drawing to win prizes from Designs in Machine Embroidery!

10/15/10:  The winner in the first drawing is Linda Lettenberger!  Linda, we'll be sending a $25 shopping spree certificate by snail mail.  Enjoy! 





  • Bear donations are tax deductable.  You'll receive a receipt from Cook Children's Medical Center acknowledging your donation for tax purposes. 


  • Donate 5 or more bears to Cook Children's and we'll pay for the bears to be shipped back to Designs in Machine Embroidery.
    *Offer good until Oct 30th.  Restrictions apply. Designs in Machine Embroidery will make arrangements for the pick-up of the bear package from home residences in the Continental US only.  This
    offer is good for individuals only--groups and organizations are not included.  Call 888-739-0555 to arrange for the bear pick-up.  Only stitched bears are accepted.  For convenience, keep the original box(es) the bears were shipped in.  The bears will be delivered to the Bear Headquarters-- Designs in Machine Embroidery then they will be sent to Cook Children's Medical Center.


Click to watch video demonstrations:

Part 1

Part 2


More detailed instructions with additional tips and techniques included with purchase


Why Cook Children's Medical Center? Designs in Machine Embroidery and its readers have a history with Cook Children's Medical Center and the Stitch-A-Wish program. A few years ago, Designs in Machine Embroidery and its readers joined efforts with Stitch-A-Wish to provide embroidered pillowcases for all the patients at the hospital. This program still continues today. Through the generous efforts of our readers we have been able to donate over 5000 embroidered pillowcases to the Stitch-A-Wish program. That's an amazing feat accomplished by our readers! Given the history and reputation of the children's hospital, we knew Cook's would be a great choice to donate bears.  Click here for information on the Pillowcase campaign!


The volunteers of the Stitch-A-Wish program are an important part of the uncommon care that Cook Children's in Fort Worth, Texas provides to pediatric patients and their families.

Stitch-A-Wish volunteers sew for hospitalized children. The program provides the patients with colorful, child friendly pillowcases that brighten their rooms; medical play therapy dolls that help patients learn about and understand the medical procedures they undergo; telemetry bibs that allow toddlers mobility even while attached to heart monitoring equipment; saddle bags that give bed ridden children a sense of independence by providing them with easy access to their favorite things; preemie clothing for the tiniest infants to wear for their long awaited first trip home. These items, and many others, are utilized daily throughout the medical center for comfort, therapeutic play, arts and crafts, and safety.


The Stitch-A-Wish program was formed in October, 2005 when a call went out to the community for people who sewed to give their time and talents to hospitalized children by providing them with items that normally would not be available. The message was heard and the program has grown tremendously. Since the start of the Stitch-A-Wish program, over 4,000 items have been sewn and donated to ill children. The needs are ongoing and continue to grow as Stitchers create more items that make the young patients’ hospital stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


A vision of the Stitch-A-Wish program is that all patients receive their very own child-sized pillow and monogrammed Cook Children's pillowcase to use during their stay and take home with them upon discharge. As a non-profit pediatric hospital, this can only happen through the support of volunteers and donors who are willing to give of their time and resources. Our invitation to sew is extended to everyone interested in volunteering from home and becoming a part of making little wishes come true in an uncommon way.


For more information visit the Stitch-A-Wish website or Cook Children's Medical Center


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